Alec Troniq – Key Mo EP // SNOE037

He has done it again! With his second full EP on SNOE, the mystical Alec Troniq delivers two new bangers that are destined to set every dance floor they come across on fire. “Key Mo” is the title track, and the sound is dirty, rough and ecstatic at the same time, just as we love it. An eerie synth introduces the whispering vocal building up to a big momentum where the track erupts in fury.


Andreas Henneberg has joined in on the EP with his own interpretation of “Key Mo”. The heavy bassline in the remix vibrates along the synths and skilfully molded vocal elements from the original, giving it a true Henneberg touch while still keeping the oh, so explosive style. Rounding up the EP is “Chivy”, a slightly lighter but not less groove infested tune with a whirlwind of sounds working together towards the addictive, synth underlined drop where you just can’t stand still.


What a release, we are happy to give you our SNOE nr. 37!

CAT.NR:          SNOE037
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