On Monday SNOE’s third VA release „SNOEflakes #3“ is released, and with them this time they have German DJ and producer DirrtyDishes.


He is known for his groove driven sound, and has joined forces with MikaH for „What I Want“ which has already gained massive support being played by some of the biggest names in the industry like Jamie Jones on Ultra Music Festival. We had a little chat with him about his highlights so far this year, his studio habits and how he met Mikah.


1) Hei guys, how was the start of your year? Any highlights?

We had quite a cool and calm start of the year, with time to fix some projects in the studio, and level off the way for the release plan for the start of the year with EP’s at Heinz Music and SNOE and other things.

Also we are doing a Thailand Tour early march that we are really looking forward. We are super excited since we heard so many great things about this area.
Another highlight is a forthcoming cooperation with Viva Con Agua
that is pushed for this year. A project that we really value and It’s so cool and an honor to be able to support such a project with our music.

2) How would you describe your track on the SNOEflakes?

„What i want“ is really our sound right now. Groovy baseline Tech House with a nice vocal and a good mood, something for the dancefloor.

3) How much time do you spend in the studio?

Usually we spent 2 full days a week and sometimes also the nights in the studio.

4) What is your favourite toy for making music?

That’s definitely our DHW Cubase and we are huge Valhalla fans:) In the future we will also have some fun with our newest toy, the Moog Sub37.

5) With whom would you guys like to spend time in the studio?

Detlef has his own sound that we really love right now, so that would be him.

6) If you could describe yourselves with one word, what would it be?

Groovy 🙂

7) What are your guilty pleasures?

Wow that’s kinda hard but we could say sometimes one of us is a little too scatty and the other one is little bit too much working with the head, you know. But that’s always changing 🙂

8) How did the cooperation with MikaH develop? Can you tell us how you guys got together?

MikaH is one of our best buddies in Hamburg and an awesome DJ, so this was just self-evident that we finally ended up in the Studio together though we are playing kinda different sounds it turned out to be a good combination which made so much fun.

9) What is your favourite Norwegian word?

Thats easy, SNOE!


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