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Living legend Kolombo who is celebrated worldwide for his versatile and genre bending productions just had his first SNOE release which has been roaming the Beatport charts since day one. The release sets off with his “4Ever Baby” original, an exquisite electro funk House tune with lots of good vibes immersed in playful synths and a bouncy groove, accompanied by fresh percussions and a strong vocal proclaiming “Underground will live for ever!”. We had a little chat with the big talent about his studio habits, inspirations and favourite Norwegian word.


Hei Kolombo. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Your new EP “4Ever Baby” is out on SNOE these days, what was your inspiration behind it?

I’ve been very inspired by techno lately, I tried to keep my identity and style with more dry, groovy sound and the vocal. I’ve sent straight to SNOE and Andreas remix is amazing! I’m very happy with this single!

How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard you before?

Something between house techno with an old-school hip-hop background.

And can you tell us a bit about your musical background and where you are from?

When I started to get involved with music, the electronic scene in Belgium (end of the 80’s) was basically called “newbeat” – end of new wave, mixed with techno, where all the DJs were playing, it was the revolution of electronic music at the time. I was really into hip hop and fascinated by scratching technique. I wanted to be part of DMC championship. I’ve heard about Jungle Brothers from hip hop and I found this Todd Terry remix, and I ended up buying the album Work from him by mistake, which (obviously) was house music. This was my first connection with house music, which became a motivation to get into the style on DJing.


How much time do you spend in the studio?

As I’ve been touring a lot I’m not spending the time I’d like to in the studio. But as my studio is at home, everytime I have some free time or a sudden inspiration I lock myself in there! Last year I had 3 weeks off, where I dedicated full time in studio. Planning to do the same this year.

What is your favourite toy for making music?

It’s hard to pick one, but I’d say Roland MKS80 with MPG80 because it sounds kind of classic 80’s presets with nice pads and basses, but the controller is super sensitive, any change goes really deeper, when you find a special sound (like any other machine), don’t touch it anymore, otherwise you’ll lose it to have other crazy sound, but will not be the one you’ve got it before.

With whom would you like to spend time in the studio?

Andreas Henneberg and Bontan. They are my two favourite producers at moment.

 What is the one thing you can’t be without in the studio?

A big mug of coffee.

And what is the one thing you do not want in your studio?

My dogs! Can’t focus with them around!


What are your guilty pleasures?

I can spend a whole day watching stupid 80’s movies and cartoons eating pizza lying down on my sofa.  

What do you drink when you play?

As I’m a good Belgian, always beer!

How do you balance music and everyday life?

It is tough! I tour a lot and once I’m back in Belgium I have so many things to do with short time for it. Like “normal person” responsibilities, check on family, friends, and try to find some time to rest! The last 12 months my wife took a sabbatical year, so she travelled with me in pretty much all  shows, this was a way to stay longer time together, now I’ll miss her again.

You have been an important part of the music scene for a while, what would you say are the biggest changes since you started?

All the technology available today make things work differently for DJ, producers and   music business industry that has grown a lot in the last few years.

Do you have any advice for up and coming artists?

Follow your gut and dreams, believe in yourself and never give up. Couldn’t be more cliché, but be true to yourself is the key in my opinion.

What’s in store for you over the next few months?

On Sep 10th we have our last party in Ibiza, this year we decided to try to build something in the island in partnership with Tantra for a pre party. We had invited only close friends to join us and it’s been very challenging and fun! After that I go on tour to my lovely Brazil for 3 weeks, I am so looking forward to it as at this tour I play in many favourite parties there such Colours of my bro Fran Bortolossi and also Rock in Rio festival. Following Brazil tour in back to Europe for ADE, we’ll have our party at The Club Up again then flying straight to Australia and New Zeeland for a 2 weekend tour. Busy days are coming! Couldn’t be happier.

What is your favourite Norwegian word? 😉

I don’t know any Norwegian word! How can I say beer in Norwegian?

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