Interview: Ucha

We at SNOE are happy to have Ucha back on another great SNOEflakes. His sound is all around groovy and the Georgian DJ and producer keeps pushing musical boundaries, showcasing why Tiblisi is an electronic music city packed with talent which is not to be overlooked.


Ucha’s striking new track “Carpediem” is just as expected coming from his studio. The track is packed with heaps of energy radiating through the insatiable groove, creating a powerful frame for the dirty synth pumping it’s way throughout the track. We had a little chat with him ahead of the release this Monday, check out the exclusive pre-listen of “Carpediem and what news he had for us below.


Hei Ucha. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard you before?

I think my music has something, what can make u dance and feel comfortable on the dance floor in every condition.

What would you say is the essence of Carpediem?

The essence of ‘Carpediem’ is the groove!

How much time do you spend in the studio?

If I have any free time from the djing, I’m always in the studio, sometimes I sleep there too…

What is your favourite toy for making music?

My favourite toy is still: KORG MS-20. I have been working with it for 3 years already.

With whom would you like to spend time in the studio?

If I’m not alone in my studio (which is called Depot6 Recs), it is usually my brother and friends that are there. It is always a great pleasure to drink coffee or tea with your friends and show them what I have been working on.

What is the one thing you can’t be without in the studio?

Every thing there has it’s purpose. But, I can’t be there without my new sofa heh.

And what is the one thing you do not want in your studio?

I don’t want any lazy-bones there. The studio is a place where you always think about music, and nothing else.

What are your guilty pleasures?

If I do something with pleasure, I don’t think it’s guilty heh.

What is your favourite Norwegian word?

I don’t have any favourite Norwegian word but I have one from an African language, it’s: SHOSHOLOZA, which means go away!

How would you describe the scene where you live?

The scene in Tbilisi is evolving very fast. We have one of biggest techno clubs here: BASSIANI. And there are many smaller but good places too, where you can go and listen to every style of music

Any place you would like to play that you haven’t been yet?

I’m very interested in playing in Shelter (Amsterdam). My friends were there and they were just crazy happy about it!

What do you drink when you play?

I drink apple juice with Jack Daniels. It should be shaken too. I’ve been in love with this cocktail for a long time.

How do you balance music and everyday life?

Music balances my everyday life.

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