Andreas Henneberg – Mountain

Andreas Henneberg – Mountain (Solo-Album)

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CAT.NR:          VMRA051
RELEASE:       13.06.2013

2013 sees Andreas Henneberg release his debut solo album, Mountain, on Voltage Musique. It features 18 tracks and is a real musical journey that explores much further afield than just the dancefloor, as well serving up some fully formed club bombs in collabo- ration with the likes of Fabian Reichelt, Avishay Balter and Eitan Reiter. Even though he was born, raised and still lives in Berlin, the album is not just coloured by the typical Berlin minimal and house sound.

Says Andreas about the album, which coincides with the 10 year anniversary of his record label Voltage Musique… “Maybe it’s a bit unusual, but I decided to start the whole thing with producing the interludes, intro and outro first. This was an important step and helped me a lot to spot the direction for everything. In addition to the more or less experimental interludes, all further tracks grew slowly from house to deep house to tech house to groovy dancefloor anthems.”

“One of the most challenging points for the whole process was to get finished. Similar to nearly every cre- ative work of art, it’s hard to let it go with complete satisfaction.

However, the project took me 18 months with many ups and downs, but fortunately the result has gone beyond my wildest expectations. These final works are the result of 1,5 years producing, deleting, rear- ranging, live testing, hating and loving a huge num- ber of tracks I did within the context of the creation process.”



01. Mountain
02. Come On
03. Fallin feat. Fabian Reichelt
04. Waiting In The Weeds
05. Interlude One
06. Feud
07. No Place To Hide feat. Fabian Reichelt 08. Nicoteen
09. Daddy
10. Interlude Two
11. Around The Blend
12. Let’s Talk About That
13. Stopped
14. Switchback
15. Nargis
16. Haifa feat. Avishay Balter & Eitan Reiter 17. Interlude Three
18. All The Good Things