Berndt Bechstein – Duck & Dive EP // SNOE070


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CAT.NR:          SNOE070

After the fiery SNOEflakes we are ready to introduce to you to an up and comer we know you will hear a lot from over the next years. Berndt Bechstein makes grooves almost too got to be true. When we first heard “Duck and Dive” we were thrilled to get a demo of this high quality, and he just kept sending dance-floor bombs after dance-floor bombs. And so it became a 3-track EP.

Hailing from the center of Germany, this groovy cat sets us off on a rocket to the moon with the title track “Duck and Dive”. And we mean it when we say, do not put this one on if you are not ready to dance. The incredibly catchy, driving groove carries the raw and playful synth that will lure any wallflower to the middle of the dance-floor. It is frantic, exciting, and packed to the brim with energy. Simple and on point, this one will get to you.

The second track of the release, “Cherry”, will surprise you with its power. Slightly darker in style the synths have an energising vibration to them, while the excellent drum work does its thing, taking you on a rollercoaster of badassness. It is in the layers of sounds that this tracks geniality comes to play, building up tension before an all consuming release swallows you in the drop.

“Second Id” is funnily enough the third track on the release. Again, we are just in awe how Berndt creates the biggest moves with minimalistic tools. The bassline rolls alongside the bouncy groove while a wild melody draws you into this intense, pulsating center of attention.

They say there is no sleep for the wicked, and you can be sure these tunes will accompany many sleepless nights in clubs all across the world. You can just feel what energy is to come when you listen to the tracks. Enjoy the new release from Berndt Bechstein.