Beth Lydi & Andreas Henneberg – Wine & Cheese // SNOE077


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Hold on to your hats, because Beth Lydi and Andreas Henneberg are starting their 2023 with a belter of a track. Made during lockdown, this track has simmered in their playlists for a year and you can really feel the intense energy in this track that is on the verge of bursting into an inferno.

“Wine and Cheese” draws inspiration from the early 2000s where the techno scene was purely underground and gritty, but with a modern sound and unlike most of the things you hear today. This track is bound to create some proper moments of frenzy on the dancefloor. The heavy bass and fierce synth melts together to a magnificent and electrifying techno tune, a statement that shows Beth and Andreas are not here to play around.

They focus on quality and innovation while paying tribute to the past in their very own way. Enjoy the relentless and unapologetic peak time slammer “Wine and Cheese”.