Beth Lydi – Lavender EP // SNOE044

2 Track Bundle


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CAT.NR:          SNOE044

Not only is it label boss Beth Lydi’s birthday month, it is also time for her new release “Lavender EP”. After a summer packed with travels and festivals, she has summed up all that energy from all the places she has been and all the people she has met in two mesmerizing tracks. One is directed and the dark and frenzy dance floor moments, and one mirroring the light and summer breezy festival feeling.


“Drunk Shots” does not hold back. A groove driven and tight Tech House tune with a fierce bassline and addictive percussions set the foundation for the naughty synth and vocal elements that leave little room for interpretation. It is time to party.


“Lavender” also flaunts her love for groove, with the unmistakable rhythmic percussions already from the start leading towards the ecstatic synth and vocal build up. Together the elements create massive momentum before the breakdown and a short vocal echoing the whole vibe in the track with a few simple words, “feeling so good”!


A classic Beth release packed to the brim with energy and positivity, mixed with a little naughtiness. Enjoy our SNOE nr. 44!