Boneb – Darling No. 42 EP // SNOE062


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CAT.NR:          SNOE062

 We are ready with our second EP this year and are beyond excited to bring you this top-notch groove and bass monster. This guy first joined the SNOE family with his track “Chapter Three”, which quickly became a favourite in the DJ sets of Andreas Henneberg and Beth Lydi. By now you probably know who we are talking about? 

Boneb is back, and he is back good! “Darling No. 42” is a three tracker EP, bringing all the fierceness one could wish for. First off, “Blue (?)” comes bouncing off the walls. Tight drums and a dirty bassline gives you all the attitude you didn’t know you needed, and more. It delivers that undeniable Boneb energy where you just can’t stand still. 

Rolling in like a hot steamer to the station, “Darling” hits you right in the gut with its growl. Flicking synth elements are underlined by a massive bassline, accumulating to a bouncy groove. Nod your head, tap your feet. Actually, just surrender completely to this groove. There is no way to fight this little Ms. Naughty. 

Last but not least, “No. 42” is ready to sweep you off your feet. Again, Boneb shows why we love him so much here in the SNOE family. His groove is simply one of a kind. Immaculate drum work builds up under a heavy hitting bassline, accompanied by vocal cuts and gnarly synths. 

We see big things in store for this guy, and he does not fool around with his juicy beats. Please, unravel the madness and enjoy “Darling No. 42”!