Ladies Long Hoodie Ananas in Black

Colour: Black
Artwork: Ananas (by CMYK)

Sometimes unsure what to wear? Feel like putting on something comfortable yet incredibly stylish? Look no further, our hoodie dress is the perfect match for you. For clubbing, travelling or just a normal day, this is the one to go to.

Be aware, the dress is relatively short so it can be nice in combination with some cool tights. This dress comes in pure black, just like a techno lover’s heart, highlighted by our kickass big pineapple print.

+ High quality silkscreen prints
+ Washing instructions included
+ Made with passion & love

Please note! We start to work when your order is placed. Every single item is a unique and handmade piece of fashion. Please understand that we cannot refund items once bought. THERE ARE NO PRODUCT RETURNS!

Please don’t forget to choose your size!


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