SNOEflakes #11 – Daniel Neuland, Beth Lydi, Kolombo, Memo Rex & Wendigo // SNOE069


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CAT.NR:          SNOE069

It has been a few fantastic months with the world slowly but steadily opening up again and people finally being able to gather, dance, hug and laugh together. And we are all about it! After keeping the groove ship going through it all, we are ready to celebrate the dance floor comeback in big style! That is why we are more than excited to present to you our SNOEflakes #11. One of our most beloved formats is back, four artist, four fantastic tracks, four different stories to tell. A mix between new and old friends, just how we like it.

First off is one of the new SNOE family members, Daniel Neuland. He is known for his playful and elegant moves between genres, and enters our spotlight with a fantastically bouncy and driving tune. “Back To Church” is carried by a rolling groove, heavy hitting bassline and catchy vocal elements that follow the roaring synth in a full on frenzy of energy.

Labelboss Beth Lydi is up next. Inspired by her once incredibly hike in Nepal she joins the release with a proper energy boost. “Annapurna” is an ode to the days spent between mountains, forests, rivers and daal. A lot of wild sounds and an uplifting groove makes this a classic Lydi track, while the superb synths play along an in-trance-setting chorus of monks, leading us towards a drop firmly exploding in ecstasy.

We also welcome back our dear friend Kolombo. A living legend who’s style is as diverse, qualitative top notch and innovative as it can get. His incredible release “4 Ever Baby” was one of a kind, supported on dance floors all over the world. And now he is back with his new tune “Body Talks”. Kind of electro inspired, this massive whirlwind of wicked synths, on point drums and wild hi-hats is packed to the brim with dark energy. It just sucks you in, and it is clear that Kolombo is ready to take you on a ride into a dirty and sweaty club night that will be hard to forget.

Last, but definitely not least we are very excited to introduce two new faces to the SNOE family, hailing from the US. Memo Rex and Wendigo made a track destined to land on SNOE, you instantly know why when you hear it. Bass-heavy and groovy, “101” carries a whole lot of attitude and fun with its fierce bassline, growly synths and rambunctious percussions. It is frisky and out there, and we know these good vibes will create a lot of smiles on dance floors everywhere. 

How incredibly inspiring it is to be back! Grab your gear and get ready for SNOEflakes #11!