SNOEflakes #13 (incl. Lars Moston & BONEB) // SNOE082


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CAT.NR:          SNOE082

We are back with one of our favourite formats, the SNOEflakes! And for the first SNOEflakes of the year, we have a proper treat for you! You will for sure remember the amazing track “Kickback” from Adrian Hour that was released in 2016? Well, guess what! The phenomenal Brazilian DJ and producer “Duodisco” is joining SNOE with a special remix of “Kickback”! Him and Adrian go way back, and when they came to us with the idea we immediately knew this was going to be good! Duodisco’s remix is an energy-loaded package with driving drums and a pumping bassline that brings a proper dance floor flair to the song. While working smoothly with elements from the original, he has put his very own twist to the vibe, serving a properly electrifying tune.

The second track of the release is from our favourite Berndt Bechstein. Berndt just released a solid EP on SNOE and is simply unstoppable. Making one big tune after another, we just knew we needed this “Got That Friday Feeling” for this format. His new track has such a positive vibe to it, with flowy synths and beautifully layered vocals lifting your spirit to the max. And as we know Berndt, the groove is a proper catcher, that immediately makes you want to take it for a spin. This is why we love to SNOEflakes format so much. Two fantastic and different tracks, ready for the dance floor.