SNOEflakes #14 (incl. Doc Brown & Berndt Bechstein) // SNOE084


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CAT.NR:          SNOE084

Our favorites Doc Brown and Berndt Bechstein return to SNOE for the next SNOEflake, each bringing a killer dance floor bomb to the label.

Doc is finally back after he debuted with the magnificent “Invisible” in 2020. Since then he has been busy touring the US and making tunes in the studio that has seen the light on labels such as Farris Wheel, Box of Cats and WyldCard. His new track xxx shows how Doc is a force to be reckoned with, showcasing impeccable taste in sound selection and groove creation. The tune bounces and shakes with proper drive, serving us an addictive groove combined with thrilling synths and on point percussions.

Coming in hot with a new track is the incredibly talented Berndt Bechstein. We are simply addicted to his sound, and each release he has had on SNOE has showed us how versatile he is in his peak time sound scaping. His last track “Friday Feeling” was an immense tune that was being played by Beth Lydi and Sven Dohse at Fusion Festival, and was supported by the likes of Kölsch, Marco Carola and more. And you know he went and did it again. His tune xxx simply oozes of that Bechstein flair, with a pumping groove underlining a beautiful whirlwind of synth elements, working up big momentum throughout the track.

We couldn’t be prouder to finally release these two tracks! Enjoy our SNOEflakes #14.