SNOEflakes #8 – Malikk, Beth Lydi, Filthy French, Jake Kaiser // SNOE046

4 Track Bundle


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CAT.NR:          SNOE046

As always it is a great pleasure to give you another SNOEflakes. The tradition of bringing together four unique tracks on a V.A. is such a beloved format because it showcases new talent as well as established names, always delivering music of the highest quality.


First off is Malikk. Based in Southern France he has quickly become a global player known for his unique take on House and Tech House. His track “Aah Magic” is exactly this, a groovy and driving tune with funky synths and perky percussions, which brings a positive vibe and a good portion of electricity to the dance floor. Second in the line is label boss Beth Lydi with her loved “Black Sheep”. As we know from Beth, it is naughty and fierce. In known style she delivers a massive bassline under griddy synths that just explode in a groove-frenzy.


SNOE also welcomes the Paris based Filthy French to the family. Their style is twisted and addictive, and their track “Ritmo” bears influences of Acid and Techno but with a modern take on the soundscaping of the genres. As the main synth twists and twirls it’s accompanied by the vocal elements, together creating an intense energy. Following this we are met by another new face. Hailing from San Francisco, Jake Kaiser has joined the boat with a beast of a tune. “She Said” is a fury of wicked sounds. Although the track has a slightly dark vibe to it, it delivers such a massive groove and a kind of continuously evolving force that will make it impossible to stand still on the dance floor.


Enjoy our sweet, sweet SNOEflakes #8!