SNOEflakes #10 – Sandar Sánchez, Daniel Jaeger & Beth Lydi, Bernhard Groeger, Elternhouse & Vince Versa // SNOE063


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We are back with our favourite format, the SNOEflakes! And for the 10th release we have something big planned for you! A while back we had a live demo listening session, and were blown away by all the talent. Two tracks we even signed and are more than excited to present to you today.

First off, our new friend Sandar Sánchez from Ravensburg takes the lead. This guy immediately caught our attention in the listening session. Incredibly bouncy and energetic, this tune is packed with groovy percussions and on point synths that are continuously driven forward by tight hi-hats. No wonder we signed this one right away, too good to miss out on!

The second track is a collaboration between label boss Beth Lydi and her friend and extremely talented producer and DJ Daniel Jaeger. Also being based in Berlin, Daniel invited Beth for a couple of studio sessions, and you can really feel both of their styles coming together in this one. “Psychonautics” is groovy and weird, but also hypnotic with its pulsating and soaring synths and vocal elements building up a lot of tension aking to be released.

Thirdly, we welcome another new face from our demo listening session. Hailing from Nürnberg and being part of SNOE’s favourite club crew Die Rakete, Bernhard Groeger is not here to mess around. What first caught our attention in the listening session was the fierce bassline. We could say so much more, but you will understand when you hear the track. It just churns you in and out! Nasty!

Last but not least is the track we actually signed first for this little VA series. Elternhouse has quickly made a name for themselves with tight productions released on labels such as Raw and My Techno Weighs A Ton. They did a collab with their friend Vince Versa, and the result is a perfect dance floor bomb. It is a techy and dancy tune, with enthralling vocals, playful synths and a superbly catchy groove.

We could not be more happy with this little 4 track package. The songs are an ode to the dance floors we miss so badly. Every tune is meant to create blissful moments of fury and anarchy where the music takes over and nothing else matters. Enjoy our SNOEflakes #10!