The Glitz – Papu // GLAU009


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The Glitz is back! Your favourite duo has spent the last year in the studio making plans for world domination and of course new music. Step by step they are now initiating their mischievous plan. First, they are starting their own new record label. Secondly, they are releasing some smashing singles. And for the end game they are taking a deep dive into the world of genre bending sounds for their much anticipated, second album.

Andreas Henneberg and Daniel Nitsch are known and loved for their one of a kind approach to music. Through their diverse musical backgrounds they have created a unique universe consisting of different wavelengths and genres, all blended together in a beautiful, electrifying “The Glitz” sound. Their particular style has led them to release on labels such as Defected, Material and Katermukke, as well as on their own label Voltage Musique that they ran as a collective for 18 years.

Now they are ready to forge a new path, and we are here for it! Starting this exciting project with their new label “The Glitz Audio”. Daniel and Andreas take the curtain call with their first release this year, “Papu”. And you immediately know from the energy in this tune that it is going to be a good year.

Situated somewhere between dramatic synth melodies and a heavy hitting bassline, this track gives us all that is good and juicy with electronic music at the same time. As The Glitz is a synonym for fat grooves, you immediately go in to full goosebump mode when the first beat steps in. There is a lingering and energy loaded dark vibe that builds up and intensifies before rupturing into a wild frenzy of playful synths, taking you on a proper rollercoaster ride. It breaks down and builds itself up again, creating that extremely satisfying release of tenseness at the exact moment when you can’t take the excitement anymore.

This track is a proper reintroduction of their sound, craftiness as soundscapers and dance floor guides. The Glitz is back to take you on a trip through powerful drum work and twisted sounds, leaving you sweaty and happy on the dance floor. This is “Papu”.