SNOEflakes #2 – Andreas Henneberg, Not Usual, Alec Troniq, Kamara // SNOE015

The autumn has arrived and we are ready to start the dark and sweaty club season with SNOEflakes #2. Again four various and immensely talented artists are presented in the format that successfully brought you some of the biggest hits this summer.

In the second edition of SNOEflakes label boss Andreas Hennebergs
Confusion is right on point. A powerful track combining strong synths
and an interestingly misleading and fascinating vocal, building some
big momentum as it moves forward. Not Usual continues in a lighter
mood with Tasty, a proper Tech-House banger serving us feisty
percussions and an incredibly catchy groove. A new edition on SNOE,
Alec Troniq is setting the standard of what to expect from him with
Weve Been 1000. The track shows his mastery of uplifting, proper club music through its strong characteristics made up by the solid bassline and the crooked and, oh so charming, synth work. Our Dutch friends Kamaras track Motor City perfectly rounds up the EP with its
addictive groove rolling climaxing in a dreamy break taking it to the
next level. We have been very lucky to have so many high qualitative
tracks coming together for our second SNOEflakes, now it is your turn to enjoy.

CAT.NR:          SNOE015

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