SNOEflakes #3 – Beth Lydi, Jorge Montia & Coqui Selection, DirrtyDishes & Mikah, ME & her // SNOE019

SNOE has been off to a banging start in 2017, and are continuing their quest to find innovative and captivating music. SNOEflakes #3 presents a selection of varied and strong personalities, each bringing their own distinctive characters to the catalog.

Label boss Beth Lydi kicks off the release with Virgo, a light spirited, dreamy yet groovy tune in the name of the stars. SNOE also welcomes back Jorge Montia, one of the masterminds behind the massive tune Renaissance that was released on the label last year. Jorge has joined forces with Hotfingers own Coqui Selection for the track Changes, a wide tune bringing about strong synths and addictive percussions for the big momentum.

New members of the family, German based DJs and producers DirrtyDishes and MikaH do what they do best. What I Want is a groove monster full of energy with an incredibly positive vibe underlined by charming vocal elements. ME & Her are also warmly welcomed to the family with Lets Go. These girls are not fooling around, and the track is packed with drive and energy showcasing their talent for using elements from different genres merged together in a wholeness of drums and synths.

CAT.NR:          SNOE019

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