Elisabeth & Andreas are getting married. Wow!

And it’s getting even better..

YOU got invited, because we like you.


Saturday – 06th of August 2022

-> 14:00 <-


Schloss Köpenick

Schlossinsel 1 – 12557 Berlin


We almost can’t believe it ourselves, but –> WE ARE FINALLY GETTING MARRIED

And hey.. you are of course still invited to join the party. 

Here a couple of interesting and important facts for you.


Please be on time! We start at 14:oo, and it would be such a shame if you miss out on the ceremony.

The whole ceremony will take place outside. In case of snow, the location will be able to give us a roof over our heads. But please take some warmer clothing with you as well. We are next to the water and it could get chilly in the evening.

Our friend covid: This annoying virus is unfortunately still around. The current rules in Berlin are 2G+ (vaccinated or recovered AND tested), but this can change a million times before August. We will send an update with the current rules (if any) closer to the date.

Presents? Presents! The best way to support us in these (f)unempolyed times is with a financial contribution. It is expensive to get married and somehow we forgot to calculate with the 2-year (+) work-restrictions in our industry. 

Pics? Pics! What wonderful times we live in where (almost) everyone has a high-end smartphone. Use them and take as many pictures as you can. We also have our dear friend and photographer “Marie” there. She will sooner or later drag you in front of her camera. PLEASE do not fight it no matter your current state. We promise we will not use the pictures against you at a later point in time!

You want to make a speech? We would love that! Our toastmaster “Karl” will make sure that all eyes are on you. If you want to say a few words, please write him an email so he can plan you in –> kmundierow@gmail.com

Sunday after the wedding we are hosting a small brunch at the same location. It will start at 12:00. Please let us know LATEST two weeks in advance if you can make it or not. A quick email to: betty@henmountain.com would be great. There is limited room and we have to make a reservation in advance. –> Schlosscafe Köpenick (Schlossinsel 1, 12557 Berlin). 

We are super excited to spend this day with all of you! Yay..

Betty & Andreas



–> We have some questions for you. Please take a minute and help us to make everything perfect.