SNOEflakes #9 – Herr Boneb, Mitch Dodge, Doc Brown, Yabé & Petey Mac // SNOE053


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CAT.NR:          SNOE053

One of our favourite formats is the SNOEflakes V.A. series, and our nr. 9 is a big one! Four fantastic tracks are ready to see the light, two of which were found during an online live demo listening session from the SNOE headquarter.


Our very first tune is a result of this, sent to us from Germany based Herr Boneb. Although being relatively fresh to the scene, we already know there are a lot of great things in store for him. “Chapter Three” gives an instant spark. Its tight groove and power-bassline creates the perfect foundation for the funky vocal chunks and quirky sounds, no doubt this is a big dance floor tune.


Secondly, we welcome back Mitch Dodge. After having recently released the brilliant “Funktionality EP” on SNOE, we are more than happy to have another energy package delivered straight from Mr. Dodge to the dance floor. “Day 9” is pure bounce with an unmistakingly optimistic vibe to it. Percussions soar and roar as we get freaky to this little groove monster.


Third track of the release is “Invisible” from Doc Brown. This tune was also found during the demo session and we were instantly intrigued by it. Having a slightly darker vibe than the rest, the almost melancholic synth swells along the hypnotic groove. It magically draws your thoughts towards those big and ecstatic sweat dripping club moments where you can completely lose yourself in the music.


The first track that was signed to this V.A. is a collaboration between US based Petey Mac and Yabé. “All Night” does not hold back on its charm. Dreamy vocal elements warping along warm, driving percussions meet a nudging synth. Together the sounds dynamically pulsate while building up that sweet momentum and letting the dancer float away on a cloud of groove.


SNOEflakes #9 is ready to take on the world. Be careful, this one can quickly get addictive.