SNOE Affairs DJ-set & Interview // Andreas Henneberg

The man, the myth, the GOAT! Label boss Andreas is finally back with a brand new SNOE Affairs episode, celebrating his latest release "Passion For Real" that is soaring in the Beatport charts and has already created some epic dance floor moments around the globe. In addition to the mix, we sat down for a short interview to talk about this and that and some things that are currently on his mind.

How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard you before?

Constantly changing but always groovy and positive electronic dance music tools for club and festival dj’s. Not too melodic, not too emotional, dramatic and definitely not too boring. I spent so much more time on a good, well made groove than on big melodies or chord progressions. I make music for dance floors, not for cozy couch moments.


What does your name mean?

It’s Greek and it means “man” and refers to the duties of a male in the patriarchal society of Ancient Greece. Henneberg is a region in Germany with a little hill called “The Henneberg”. There also was a Lord Henneberg and a Henneberg Castle and none of this belongs to my family as far as I know. Such a bummer…


How much time do you spend in the studio?

A lot! But not only to be creative.

I’m running an audio mix & mastering service since 2001 already. I specialized on electronic music and just upgraded the setup to mix 3d-Audio like Dolby Atmos or Sony360RA. The pandemic showed up how unstable and unreliable it is to be a touring artist. The studio services always been very important for me. It keeps me up to date, forces me to learn, study and upgrade and gives me an additional income on top. I can work with music as an engineer and as a creative which makes it extremely interesting and exciting.  I have at least 4-5 studio days every week. One of these days is just for me to be creative and work on my own stuff. 

What is your favourite toy for making music?

It feels a bit wrong to say but it became my studio computer. The DAWs, the plugins, the converters and controllers became so good. I could not tell if it’s sounding any better when using hardware. Everything is so much easier, faster and more productive with a good computer setup. Total recall, auto-save and audio routing is simply winning here. Of course I would never sell my Synths, cuz haptic is king. And they are easy to integrate into the digital world.


Is there anyone special you would like to spend some time in the studio with?

Jepp sure.. But they are all dead.

What is the one thing you can’t be without in the studio?



And what is the one thing you do not want in your studio?

A flooding, fire, tornado, a thief, the sharia, Stella Bossi, a random cat or that one pissed neighbor complaining about the noise. 


What are your guilty pleasures?

Making stupid jokes in situations not compatible for making stupid jokes.


What is your favourite Norwegian word? 😉



We just got a fresh mix from him for our SNOE Affairs series, enjoy this ride:

You can check out Andreas’ track “Passion For Real” here:

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